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106-year-old American had danced in the White house with Barack and Michelle Obama. VIDEO

In the framework of the project entitled «black history Month» President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama took to the White house 106-year-old Virginia MacLaren, which saw the President, began to dance. Only for the first 7 hours the record of the meeting of dolgozhitelnitsy with the President, published the press service of the White house on the social network Facebook, was viewed more than 13 million people. Hundreds of thousands did «repost».

Virginia MacLaren was born 14 March 1909 in South Carolina, spent her life working as a seamstress. In 1941, having become a widower, miss MacLaren moved to Washington, and since then live in the capital.

In its nearly 107 years old continues to volunteer, working 40 hours a week at a nearby school and helping children from poor families.

In 2014 miss MacLaren filled out the petition, saying that she wants to visit the White house and meet with Barack Obama and his family. In December 2014 in YouTube appeared a video in which the VA reiterated its request.

«I never thought I’d live long enough to see the White colored house President. I’m so happy. I will pray for you every day,» wrote miss MacLaren.

U.S. media reports that in 2015 in Virginia’s apartment is infested with bedbugs. There were so many that the old lady had to throw away all the furniture and sleep on an inflatable mattress, but on this story I learned on TV, and after the release of the report there were volunteers who helped the inhabitant to get rid of bedbugs and make repairs in the apartment. Virginia MacLaren even have a new page on the social network Facebook, and the pages began to share ideas about how to realize the dream of Virginia and help her to meet with the President of the United States.

And this meeting finally took place. February 2016 was announced at the White house «black history Month» and, a month before his 107 birthday, Virginia MacLaren was invited to the White house. Seeing the U.S. President, the woman danced for joy, and joined her and the presidential couple. Michelle Obama, hugging miss MacLaren, said that «wants to be like her when I grow up».

106-year-old American had danced in the White house with Barack and Michelle Obama. VIDEO 22.02.2016

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