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14 «workers» locked in the collapsed underground tunnel between Gaza and Egypt

14 «working» was trapped in the underground tunnel East of Rafah, on the border of the Gaza strip and Egypt, after the partial collapse of the slab due to pumping of sea water by the Egyptians in the border area, reported by the Palestinian Agency Maan.

Maan in the message with reference to the representative of the office of civil defense in Gaza, it is noted that blocked working live.

However, «Palestinian information center», belonging to Hamas, reports that managed to get in touch with the family of 14 «working» in the tunnel, data about the fate of the rest is not.

Conducted search and rescue operations.

Egyptian authorities, despite protests from the leadership of the terrorist organization Hamas, continue the flow of sea water through the pipes from the Mediterranean sea along the border with the Gaza strip with a view to the total elimination of underground tunnels, used by smugglers and terrorists. The flow of sea water destroyed not only the tunnels but also the road on which Hamas militants were patrolling the border with Egypt.

About one and a half months ago the President of Egypt Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi signed a decree extending for another three months of state of emergency operating in the North of the Sinai Peninsula. In the area of the state of emergency are the city of El-Arish, Rafah, Sheikh Zweid with the adjoining territories, where there is a curfew. Rafah borders with Gaza.

The anti-terrorist operation in Sinai was launched in the summer of 2013, after the military led by al-Sisi toppled President, the Islamist Muhammad Mursi. During the fighting has killed thousands of fighters and hundreds of soldiers and police. Authorities reported the destruction of more than 1,500 tunnels connecting Sinai with the Gaza strip. But a programme was initiated for the total elimination of such underground utilities and to prevent further attempts at construction of tunnels.

In August of this year, the engineering division of the Egyptian army started a new project in the buffer zone on the border with the Gaza strip. Then it was announced that a decision was made to create in this area a system of deep ponds in which to breed fish. Until that was completed by digging a deep ditch along the «Philadelphia corridor» on the Egyptian side. And the decision was made to convert the ditch filled with water, into the system of ponds (20 m depth) for fisheries, the income from which would offset the cost of the engineering work. Then it was reported that it is planned to pump water by pumping from the Mediterranean sea.

Note that the idea of building a deep moat filled with seawater, so along the «Philadelphia corridor», the corridor of Salah ad-DIN (the border of Gaza and Egypt, with a length of 14 km) was considered 10 years ago by the Israeli authorities, to the implementation of the plan to evacuate Jewish settlements from Gaza. However, this plan was never implemented by Israel.

Two months ago, the leaders of the terrorist group Hamas has asked Egypt to suspend the project on flooding areas adjacent to the Gaza strip. Spokesman of Hamas, Sami Abu Zuhri then said that the plan to flood the border areas of marine water poses a risk to the aquifer of the soil and poses a threat to Palestinian homes located in the immediate vicinity of the border. However, the requirements of the leaders of Hamas have been ignored by the Egyptian authorities.

14 «workers» locked in the collapsed underground tunnel between Gaza and Egypt 08.12.2015

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