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145 returnees from Paris, Lyon, Marseille and nice arrived in Israel

This week, two flights arrived from France 145 new immigrants from France. Residents of Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse and nice, saying that to leave they were pushed by the growing level of anti-Semitism at home and swept its wave of Islamic terror.

The family arrived on the first flight, organized by the Foundation of Friendship from Paris, says that in recent times, leaving the street, men had to remove the pile, so as not to attract attention.

Another family had to leave Paris a successful business – they owned a candy shop where they traded the popular French candy drops. They found that children’s safety is more important than a successful business. The members of this family, observing Jewish traditions, decided to start their new life in Jerusalem.

A family from Marseille, took the decision to repatriate after a visit to their city, President of the Foundation of the Friendship of Rabbi Eckstein Jagiela.

Among new immigrants, 78 children under the age of 18 years. The Fund emphasizes that this group can be called «the youngest» of all immigrants, which the Foundation helped to repatriate over the summer months. The oldest immigrant, which will start in Israel, new life, 88 years old.

Immigrants from France are going to settle in Ascione, tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, Jerusalem, Ofakim and Sderot.

For the last three months the Foundation of Friendship was organized on 27 of flights with new immigrants. In total, this organization arrived in Israel for 4000 Jews from Ukraine, France, South America and other countries.

In view of the difficult economic situation of immigrants, the Foundation of Friendship allocates$ 1000 for each adult and$ 500 for every child, funded the flights to Israel, negotiating with local authorities for assistance in the absorption process, finding housing and employment. All this in addition to the regular benefits new immigrants from the Ministry of absorption.

145 returnees from Paris, Lyon, Marseille and nice arrived in Israel 03.08.2016

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