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147 projects over 116 billion NIS plan to develop infrastructure in 5 years

The government of Israel considered on Sunday, September 3, presented his plan for the development of a national infrastructure for the years 2017-2022.

The plan includes projects worth at least 100 million shekels, promoted by the ministries of energy and water resources, health, environment, agriculture, and transport.

In total, the plan includes 147 projects with total cost of 116 billion shekels, which will be launched no earlier than 4 quarter of 2017 and with a high degree of probability will be implemented before the end of 2022.

The plan did not include the projects which are already underway, such as the first branch of the tram in gush Dan.

Overall, the review of infrastructure plans for the next five years is indicative of the final refusal of the government the services of the state electric company («Hevrat Hashmal») in the construction of new power plants. In addition, in the plans there is no mention of projects such as the channel between the Red and Dead seas or the Eilat railway.

Editorial presents to the readers the main points of the plan.


At the stage of readiness to start the construction of a private power plant in Sorake capacity of 140 megawatts.

At the stage of advanced planning is the construction of two private power stations in Haifa and Kiryat gat with a total capacity of 221 megawatts.

In addition, in the next five years it is planned the construction of 14 new private power plants with a total capacity of 2.75 gigawatts. 4 of them, located in the Golan heights, there will be wind, with a total capacity of 457 megawatts. Three (Timna, Ashalim, Dimona) will use solar energy, giving a total of up to 600 megawatts. The rest of the plant will be built in Ashdod, Rotem, beer touvier, Kiryat gat, and kokhav-hayarden and Manara.

Water management

At the stage of readiness to start is the construction of the sewer in Ariel, which will allow to refuse from several wastewater treatment plants in the area. Also built water treatment plants in Ktsiot, the conduit of Galilee-Beit Shean, the use of treated wastewater in the Judean lowlands, the conduits, Mesilat Zion-Beit-Zayt and Dovrat-the border with Jordan.

At the stage of the tenders are the construction of four new (Ganigar, Dovrat, Karmiel, NIR Etzion) and the expansion of three existing (and Tirat Carmel, Haifa, Ashdod) water treatment plants.

At the stage of advanced planning are the Herzliya reconnection to the Sewerage system «Shafdan» in gush Dan, the construction of the aqueduct of Elishama-Shaar Shomron in Samaria, construction of reservoirs for treated wastewater in the area of the Ayalon-Latrun, the expansion of water supply system in modi’in, the construction of a conduit Emek-Maynot-Bekaa and second lines of conduit tel Kashish-Dovrat.

In the coming years, the Ministry of energy and water management plans, construction of wastewater treatment plants in Kiryat Shmona, reconstruction and expansion of the country’s largest water treatment complex «Shafdan» in gush Dan and the laying of additional pipe and construction of pump stations for water treatment plants in Sabha in the South. The cost of these three projects to be undertaken with state funds, is estimated at 1 billion 260 million shekels.

Also in the plans of the Ministry – 7 construction of culverts, construction of reservoirs and pumping stations to increase the use of treated wastewater (southern coast of the Mediterranean sea, Central Negev, the area of the Yarkon-Carmel, Western Galilee, the Central Galilee, the Jezreel valley, the area of the Ayalon-Latrun). All 7 projects will be implemented with attraction of private funds.


In this area is planned to transfer the fuel tanks in Kiryat Haim’s residential areas to the industrial area, the construction of the fuel supply to private power plants in the South of the country, the transfer of fuel lines, built along highway 4, highway 6, the expansion of the fuel and oil tanks in Eshel, the construction of two new fuel tanks in Ashkelon, as well as the construction of three pipelines (Sorek-Capit-Kiryat gat, Kiryat gat, Ramat-Hovav and marine pipeline to the fields of Cares and Tannin). All of these projects will be government, funding will also be the state with the exception of the offshore gas pipeline project, which will be used to attract private funds.

At the stage of detailed planning and completion of the searches of sources of financing are projects for the construction of strategic gas reservoirs in the North, centre and South of the country.


The Ministry of health plans for the next five years the construction of a rehabilitation center in the hospital «Puriy» in Tiberias (150 million shekels). Also 2021-2022 year it is planned the construction of a new hospital in Beersheba.


At the stage of readiness for launch is a project to strengthen coastal cliffs between Ashkelon and Hadera worth 720 million shekels.

At the stage of the tender is the construction of the recycling centre household waste and produce compost and electricity near the centre of waste water purification «Shafdan». It is planned that the centre will process 1,000 tons of garbage per day.

Also, the Ministry of environment plans to build a centre of recycling, coming from the Jerusalem district, and generate energy from it.


The Ministry plans the construction of the wholesale market of agricultural products in gush Dan.

Transport infrastructure

At the stage of readiness to start construction is the construction of an access highway to the new port of Haifa cost of 1.5 billion shekels.

The Ministry plans for the coming years – the construction of «green» and «purple» lines of light rail in tel Aviv and the green line in Jerusalem (the beginning of works is planned in 2020), and the beginning of the construction of a tram Haifa-Nazareth.

Also planned the construction of infrastructure to run high-speed bus routes, large capacity (BRT) in the area of the ridge of Carmel, and Tirat-Carmel, in Neve shaanan neighborhood in Akko.

Development plans for the rail network – construction of the «Eastern» Railways along the highway number 4, connecting railway stations of the «Rishonim» and «Anava» and the construction of a fourth track along the Ayalon highway.

Road infrastructure needs to grow with highway 57 (detour Kfar Yona), highway 16 (new entry into Jerusalem), «Highway travelers» («CID a-Notes» – in the area of Ramat HaSharon), a new interchange at the place of intersection of Beit Dagan on highway 44, highway 200 (Ramle-Ayalon highway), highway 71 (Afula-Beit Shean), interchange port junction at the entrance to Ashdod, southern stretch of highway 38, highway 859 (a detour Nahariya), junction Mishmar and guul on highway 65 new Northern entrance to Ashdod, interchange Sugars at the entrance to Jerusalem junction a-Rav-Meher on highway 2 (between junctions of the gelilot and Syrah), the stretch of highway 85 (Carmiel-Hananiah), interchange Kiryat gat-South portion of route 40 detour Petah Tikva, a stretch of highway 65 detour Afula, a roundabout at the entrance to Ashkelon, highway 89 CABRI-Nahariya, the new sections of highway 423 to the detour Nes Ziona, multi-level interchange at the entrance to the airport, highway 232 (Mahon-Kerem Shalom), highway 25 (Ofakim-SDE Taiman), a new stretch of highway 41, Apollonia interchange on highway 2, junction Ebtehal on highway 79, Lahavim junction on highway 40, highway 561 (Kfar-Noether-highway 4), Gezer junction on highway 44, additional sections of highway 444, 90, interchanges, Socket (highway 60 and 31), Atlit (highway 2), Holon mizrach (highway 4), Beit Shemesh (highway 38), Hyun (highway 22).

In addition, the Ministry of transport plans to create paid fast lanes on highway 2 and 20.

Considerable attention is paid to the project of lanes for public transport in gush Dan, on route 5, on route 461 (Derech a-Task) and highway 40.

Also of note is the plan for the construction of a network of cycle routes in gush Dan («Inidan»).

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147 projects over 116 billion NIS plan to develop infrastructure in 5 years 04.09.2017

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