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15-year-old Dane were planning attacks in schools

The court found 17-year-old Danish citizen guilty of preparing terrorist attacks in two schools of Copenhagen, one of which is Jewish, according to CBS.

The girl, whose name is not called, about two years ago, at age 15, converted to Islam and began to support the Internet connection with the Islamists.

Some time later, the teenager managed to buy the chemicals needed to create explosives type TATP. The court ruled that the girl had intended to make two bombs, with which she wanted to blow up a Jewish school in Copenhagen and his former school in Holbæk, 60 kilometers from the capital.

The defendant did not have time to carry out attacks, as he was detained by the police.

The girl was also convicted of assault on a prison officer juvenile delinquents, where she was detained pending trial.

At the hearing, a letter was read, the defendant addressed to the Dane of Turkish origin, previously sentenced to six years in prison for joining Islamic state fighters in Syria. In the letter she writes that stabbed a prison officer, because «could not accept» that he served in Iraq.

Lawyers for the girl argue that she was bullied at school and that she thus «looking for attention».

The punishment will be appointed by the court later. The prosecution requires to send a young Islamist on compulsory treatment in psychiatric clinic.

15-year-old Dane were planning attacks in schools 17.05.2017

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