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15-year-old Israeli had contracted tick-borne typhus from your dog

To hospital «Hillel Yafe» in Hadera in serious condition was taken 15-year-old boy. His parents called an ambulance after son fainted. Together the young man was hospitalized and his parents.

Three members of one family were diagnosed with typhus or tick-borne rickettsiosis. Father and son was placed in intensive care. Radio «Kahn Beth» reported that the boy’s condition is estimated as critical, there are serious concerns for his life.

Physicians reported that all family members were infected with tick-borne rickettsiosis from their dogs, which, being a carrier of the disease, and looked quite healthy.

Hospital «Hillel Yafe» reported in the Ministry of health and local health Department of a case of human infection with tick-borne typhus.

Doctors say that the incubation period of tick-borne ricketsiosis lasts from 2 to 7 days. On the site of the tick bite appears soreness, redness, in the center of which is visible a small infiltration with the crust. And sick fever, an increase in the lymph nodes can be a headache. After two or three days rash, nausea, vomiting, pain in the abdomen.

15-year-old Israeli had contracted tick-borne typhus from your dog 26.09.2017

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