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19-year-old resident of tel Aviv at the same time trying to deport and call in the IDF

Nastya H came to Israel three years ago from Moscow with his parents (stepfather and mother) and a younger sister. Under the Law of return fell stepfather Nastia, to educate a girl, and Anastasia came to Israel on the so-called נוהל קטין נלווה (Directive on granting the status of a minor child of the partner of the person subject to the CALL).

As explained in the editorial lawyer Alexander Gambaryan, representing the Nasti H, such child or young person is necessary to regularly renew the visa later, after reaching adulthood, if the center of a teenager’s life is in Israel, he acquires the citizenship.

Father, mother and sister Anastasia are citizens of Israel.

Three years after arrival in Israel, when 18-year-old girl once again came to the property Management office of the population register, to renew a visa and to clarify the question about granting Israeli citizenship, she was told that her citizenship was denied and she has 30 days to leave Israel. The official Control gave the girl a document and took Nastia’s ID.

In the document (the document copy is at the disposal of edition) explains that Nastia was denied extension of visa as «the centre of family life» is not in Israel, «including the center of life of a family member under a CALL, whereby your mother and you were granted status in Israel».

Stepdad Nasty really soon after repatriation he returned to Russia, but the girl not only lives and works in Israel, but is going to serve in the IDF, received the agenda, passed a medical and the relevant checks and was ready to go to the recruiting station, when the interior Ministry took her «Teudat zeut».

Soon after receiving the denial of visa extension Nastya H received a letter from the recruiting office (the letter is at the disposal of edition), which States that because the girl did not come to the recruiting office (which is impossible to do without an ID that Nastia was taken), it is deemed deviationist, and Israel police received a warrant for the arrest of the girl.

Because Nastya is not a Jew, in the military, where she came she several times refused her conscription, but Nastya still have ensured that she was called as dreamed of serving in the IDF. Nastya was going to go in the army giyur.

«Now I can’t work officially or go to the army. I don’t understand how they can say my centre of life is in Israel. We have several years of shooting in tel Aviv apartment, we have a cat and a dog, I have friends here my whole life,» says Nastya.

According to the lawyer, the point of the «center of the life of a minor» involves the life of the juvenile and not his parents, and non-renewal of visas and granting of citizenship is illegal. On behalf of his client Alexander Gambaryan filed an appeal in the Office of the population register.

«The problem is that such appeal may be considered for months, and there is a person needs each day. Without documents she cannot get a job, she has no health insurance. The impression that the only honest way to live now for her in Israel is if they find her the police and put in prison for evading conscription», – said the lawyer.

Editorial asked for review in the Office of the population register of the Ministry of interior, from which she received the following response: «the Petition of Mrs. Anastasia H was rejected due to the fact that the center of the life of her family is not in Israel. Therefore, she was required to leave Israel. But then Anastasia was allowed to stay in Israel for another 30 days so she could file a petition to grant her status as the granddaughter of a Jew.»

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19-year-old resident of tel Aviv at the same time trying to deport and call in the IDF 01.03.2018

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