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25% will increase the pay for the reserve fees for private entrepreneurs

The parliamentary Commission on employment, health and social security adopted on Tuesday, June 27, the agreement between the Institute of national insurance («bituah Leumi»), the Ministry of defence and the IDF, in the framework of which will be 25% increased participation of private entrepreneurs in reservist training camp. Currently, participation in reservist training camp for «azmak» paid at the rate of the average wage of the 3 months preceding the «Mila».

The agreement also provided that the payment for the day reservist duties for independent entrepreneurs will be no less than 196 shekels, but no more 1.441 shekels. Payments in larger size will be listed, with effect from 1 January 2016. The agreement will be valid for 10 years, the cost to the budget of 17 million shekels a year.

The Chairman of the Commission Ali Alaluf («Kulan») approved today, called the agreement a remarkable achievement. «This is another step on the actual advancement of private entrepreneurs, passing IDF reserve service, he said. — Support for private entrepreneurs is extremely important to the economy of the country.»

The Deputy Yoav Kish (Likud), one of the initiators of the agreement, stressed that the main objective of the agreement is to help the weakest independent entrepreneurs, and it is the right and fair approach.

The head of the Association of unions of private entrepreneurs of Israel, ROI Cohen said: «we are Talking about changing the approach to «azmak», and I am grateful to the Chairman of the Board Eli Alalouf for his perseverance and steadfastness with which he promoted our question. It’s wonderful that someone thought about private entrepreneurs, leaving your business in the long term for reservist military service».

The representative of a group of reservists-«azmak» Yochanan Kaplenko said that many of his friends went bankrupt and got into debt due to reservist duties. «People had to take the exemption «miluim» to save his business and to feed their children. Today’s agreement, the government demonstrates to us that our contribution is recognized not only in words but also in deeds».

The agreement also welcomed the defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

25% will increase the pay for the reserve fees for private entrepreneurs 27.06.2017

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