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28 reasons for refusal of entry into Israel: new regulations of the Ministry of interior

Last week, the Israeli office of the population register and migration has published new guidelines for working with persons who arrived at the international border crossings of the state of Israel.

Among other things, the instructions given 28 reasons why a person may be denied permission to enter Israel (for some reason again):

— The availability of information in the field of security or policing

— The lack of an invitation, according to the instructions on the countries with a visa regime or other relevant instructions

— Arrival to visit the person who is not a citizen or permanent resident of Israel

— Lie at the border crossing

— The suspicion that the purpose of the visit – permanent residence in Israel

— Unclear purpose of the visit

— Refusal to cooperate with employees of the border guard

— Incorrect visa

— The presence in Israel first-degree relatives who are foreign workers

— No visa

— The lack of an invitation

— Lack of permission to enter (for arriving at the checkpoint «Allenby»)

The purpose of the visit – illegal employment

— Violation of public order

— Suspected the move with the purpose of permanent residence

— A suspicion that came will become a burden for the state

— Suspected missionary activity

— Fails the minimum requirements

— Came earlier were denied entry

— Unclear purpose of the visit

— General held in Israel the maximum permitted term as a foreign worker.

— Arrived previously worked in Israel, and now come as a tourist

— Exceeding the maximum allowed duration of stay in Israel

— Illegal stay in Israel in the past

— Activities in the framework of the BDS movement (calling for a boycott of Israel, divestment and sanctions)

In the statement it is emphasized that this list is not final and that entrants can be denied entry for other reasons.

In case of refusal of entry guests will be notified of the reason for denial (criminal, immigration or security), after which it will be returned to the place from which arrived or at any other place in which he can obtain an entry permit.

Note that, according to the latest data published by the Ministry of internal Affairs, in 2016 at the border were denied entry 16.534 General, the majority of whom were citizens of Georgia and Ukraine.

28 reasons for refusal of entry into Israel: new regulations of the Ministry of interior 06.07.2017

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