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500 years of the reformation. Revolution of high technologies that created modern civilization

500 years ago an event occurred that made Western civilization what it is now — a doctor of theology Martin Luther nailed to the door of Wittenberg Church a few sheets of thick paper with printed Latin text. 95 theses criticized the practice of selling of indulgences and calling for a return to Scripture as the only source of religious authority.

Despite the fact that Luther posted the theses were intended to consolidate the Catholic Church purifying it from the contamination, they became the Foundation for the split, giving start of the reformation. However, the monk Augustine reached its initial goal. Cathedral of Trent assembled in 1545, and went down in history as the beginning of the counter-reformation, created the modern Catholic Church, largely corresponding to the original ideas of Luther.

However, by that time, Europe was rocked by religious wars, which will last about a hundred years. And at the end of the XVIII century on the other side of the Atlantic there is a state founded on Protestant ideals — faith in God, Blagodatnoe labor and moral purification. However, these ideals will not interfere with the founding fathers of the United States to own slaves.

And yet — the reformation — the first in the history of the revolution, based on advanced technologies. The 95 theses were printed. Luther translates the Bible into German — and also send to print,what does the Scripture first, common and second is available for those who do not speak Latin. Oh, and the art of presentation, the doctor owned so that God forbid anyone.

Hier stehe ich und ich kann nicht anders

Here I stand I can do no other.

Material Paul Vyhdorchyk

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500 years of the reformation. Revolution of high technologies that created modern civilization 31.10.2017

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