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«90 minutes of shame»: «Botev» dealt with «Beitar»

In the second leg of the second qualifying round of the Europa League Plovdiv, «Botev» dealt with the city «Beitar» 4:0.

Match in Israel ended in a draw 1:1.

«Botev»: Cvorovic Minev, Genev, Gentry, Dimov, Saltanov (Yusein, 72), Kosoko, Krum Stoyanov (Marin, 79), Nedelev, Omnibus, Fernando Viana (Felipe Brisola, 83)

«Beitar»: Kleiman, Maury, Heister, Conte, Celtins (Jorginho, 39), Benayoun (Claudemir, 52), Ezra, Clogs, Siroshtan, Vered, Shechter (Varennes, 67)

At the end of the channel Sport1 commentator said «90 minutes of shame — it can be described as a game of «Beitar» in this match». For the entire match as the attacking action you can think of an inaccurate shot Ezra in the first half, and gently blow Vereda at the goalkeeper in the second.

On the 10th minute the hosts took a corner. Defender Plamen Dimov (formerly Levski, Chernomorets (Pomorie), Chernomorets (Burgas), «Kaisar» (Kazakhstan), «Shakhtar» (Karaganda)) has opened the score 1:0.

On 13-th minute Viana went one on one and chipped the ball over Kleiman. The ball flew past the far post. On 32 minutes should shed. Fernando Viana gets in a strike rally. From the hands of the goalkeeper the ball hit the crossbar and bounced into the net 2:0.

In the 41st minute of Nedelev dangerous shot. Kleiman rescued guests. In the 47th minute of Nedelev handed a penalty from the flank. Instead of a canopy it broke. The ball hit the post. A Luchezar Baldanov (former Levski and Chernomorets (Burgas)) finished a ball in empty net 3:0.

In the 54th minute Kleiman pulled the ball after a dangerous shot Stoyanov. In a few minutes from an acute angle into an empty net does not enter Nedelev. In the 71st minute, Genev went one on one. The goalkeeper parried the ball reflect.

On 76 minutes the visitors were in the minority. Marcel Heisler received a second yellow card.

On the 89 th minute, following a shot from Omar Kosoko (formerly «Auxerre», «crystal Palace», CSKA (Sofia), Servette) from 10 metres, the ball hit the crossbar. 90 minutes Brisola Felipe got the ball in front of the gate and scored 4:0.

«90 minutes of shame»: «Botev» dealt with «Beitar» 21.07.2017

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