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95-year-old paramedic at Auschwitz, was involved in the death of 3.681 man will appear before court

Last Tuesday, the Supreme court of the German city of Rostock recognized the 95-year-old Hubert Z., a former paramedic in the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and accused of involvement in the murder of at least 3.681 a man able to stand before the judges.

The Rostock court, thus, reconsidered the decision of a lower court, ostanovitsa that elderly Nazi to stand trial, the newspaper «Haaretz».

The article States that, according to the indictment, the SS Sergeant Hubert Z., whose name forbids to publish German law, served in Auschwitz from October 1942 to September 1944. He was not directly involved in the massacres, however, was knowledgeable about them, are involved in the management of the camp and shares responsibility for these crimes of the Nazi regime.

For one month, during which the accused worked as a medical assistant, in Auschwitz arrived at least 14 trains, where the inhabitants of Rhodes, Lyon, Vienna and Westerbork, a statement from the Prosecutor’s office of Schwerin.

The decision of the German court based on the precedent of Oskar Groening 94 – year-old SS, who was convicted of involvement in the murder of 300,000 Hungarian Jews, victims of the death camps Auschwitz, and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Defense of former Nazis was based on the fact that he did not personally kill the Jews and served wherever he was sent. Prosecutors claimed he was part of the Nazi killing machine and must be punished.
However, after reading the testimony of former prisoners of Auschwitz, Groening changed his position. His lawyer read out a written statement in which he admitted that for the first time realized the enormity of their conduct.

«I can’t forgive for forgiveness from the victims, to forgive me only God can. The decade I spent in denial, the cause of which is difficult for me to call. Perhaps the fact that I was taught to obey orders,» wrote a 94-year-old defendant.

According to former prisoners of the death camps and the lawyers for the families of the victims, these words came too late and did not admit his guilt. They are convinced that Groening was supposed to testify about his involvement in the Holocaust.

95-year-old paramedic at Auschwitz, was involved in the death of 3.681 man will appear before court 02.12.2015

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