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A bill to convert to Judaism put the coalition to the brink of crisis

Sunday, June 25, ultra-Orthodox factions are going to be submitted to the Ministerial Committee on legislation the draft law on deprivation of private rabbinical courts ‘ authority in the field of conversion.

As reported edition sources in the party «Israel Our home», the decision of the removal of this bill for consideration by the Commission was adopted after the formation of the agenda. In Yisrael Beiteinu said that the bill contradicts coalition agreements, which States that any change to the status quo in the relationship of religion and state requires the consent of all coalition factions. Surrounded by Avigdor Lieberman noted that in the case of approval of the bill by the Commission, the NDI will submit an appeal that will take the discussion of this legislative initiative to the government for consideration.

Editorial addressed to the press service of the SHAS party for comment on this issue, but the response had not been received. Of environment Minister of internal Affairs and leader of the SHAS party Aryeh Deri handed: «This bill will be approved. He moves with the knowledge of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Ministers from the coalition parties and aimed at preserving the status quo. Avigdor Lieberman is not going to derail this bill, nor does he torpedoes the bills initiated by the other coalition factions.»

In the leadership of the coalition correspondent said that the issue will be discussed at the meeting of heads of coalition factions, which will be held on June 25 after the government meeting.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett («Bayt Yehudi») said in an interview with radio station «can bet» that is currently being developed a compromise draft law. The content of the project is unknown. In a press-service of the Minister of education edition said that the compromise will be considered at the meeting of the heads of the coalition factions.

A bill to convert to Judaism put the coalition to the brink of crisis 25.06.2017

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