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A blind resident of Lancashire will become the first Briton to receive a horse and a guide

23-year-old Mohammed Salim Patel from Blackburn, Lancashire, blinded and in panic are afraid of dogs, will be the first UK citizen, who will receive as a guide horse miniature «American» named Digby, whose height is 61 cm

About it writes on Tuesday, February 6 edition of The Lancashire Telegraph.

The Patel diagnosed with an incurable disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which destroys tissue in the back of the eye. He said that since childhood, loves horses and is looking forward to Digby, which will meet in a couple of years.

Eight-month-old miniature horse needed time to take a course and get used to urban life. Patel also said that he is ready to allocate about an hour for receiving visitors, who, he believes, will want to see this wonder horse and a guide.

Currently Digby lives in the town of Northallerton, North Yorkshire. He coached Katie Smith, who teaches Digby and eight miniature horses to perform the duties of a guide and to get the Laundry from the washing machine and clean the kitchen. Katie, who heads the company K L Pony Therapy, says that Digby is the most gifted of her Pets.

Note that, according to the coach, this pilot program was launched in the US in early 2000 and today there are «working» 14 horses, guide dogs that help people with low vision. Their advantage over dogs is that the life span of these animals is 45-50 years old, and blind people don’t have to get used to the new assistants.

In addition, wild horses taken to care for blind relatives, and they have a natural skill for this kind of work. They also have high empathy, you know, when a person is ill and can even anticipate his death.

A blind resident of Lancashire will become the first Briton to receive a horse and a guide

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