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A criminal investigation against the family Le Pen: the national front leader threatens resignation and jail

The Chairman of the party «national front» marine Le Pen, the French far-right leader, who has positioned himself as the spokesman for the interests of ordinary people and the exposer of the hypocrisy of the elite, faces a criminal investigation.

About it write on Wednesday, December 23, foreign media and, in particular, the British newspaper Independent.

Marin and her father, a controversial politician Jean-Marie Le pen, the honorary head of the NP, is suspected of falsifying tax returns for last year and the understatement of the true size of his fortune at 60%. According to these suspicions, Jean-Marie had not paid taxes in the amount of 1 million euros, and his daughter – a few hundred thousand. In addition, the founder of the NF has not indicated in the document your Bank account in Switzerland and possession of gold bullion.

If these suspicions are true, marine Le Pen and her father, according to the laws of the country, faces a fine of 45 thousand euros, up to three years in prison and a ten-year ban on participation in elections.
Both men strongly deny these allegations, calling them political persecution, aimed to decapitate the right-wing extremist camp.

This family owned castle in Saint-cloud, an elite suburb of Paris, at a cost of 6 million euros that Le Pen senior was received in 1977 from one of his supporters – millionaire who made his fortune in the cement trade. Marin owns part of the Palace – along with the company , which Jean-Marie transferred the rights to the possession of this estate in the early 90’s.

Recall that this investigation is not the first one in the family Le Pen: the subject of proceedings is the Swiss Bank account, where, as expected, is 2.2 million euros, of which 1.7 million in gold bullion and coins, as well as the suspicion of fraud, abuse of public property and attempt to hide these crimes. In October of this year, marine Le Pen, accused in the case as a witness, did not appear in court.

A criminal investigation against the family Le Pen: the national front leader threatens resignation and jail 24.12.2015

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