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A failed Knesset bill NDI, complicating the abolition of Judaism

Wednesday, 30 December, the Knesset has once again failed in the giyur bill filed by the party «Our house Israel». The bill provided for a transfer of more authority with the passage of Judaism to the rabbis of cities.

The legislative initiative of NDI contained an important paragraph stating that to cancel the conversion be entitled only to the Rabbi, who carried it out, and no other Rabbi has no authority to abolish the Judaism.

The government voted against the bill, adoption of which could make life easier for thousands of people for whom the relevant passage of the giyur.

The press service of the NDI notes that members of «Yesh Atid» chose not to attend the vote, they left the plenary hall at the time the vote on this bill.

The leader of the parliamentary opposition, the Chairman of the «Zionist camp» Isaac Herzog, supported the initiative of NDI, said that the Knesset was a failure another important for hundreds of thousands of immigrants the law. According to him, the government has once again demonstrated disregard for Russian-speaking Israelis.

A failed Knesset bill NDI, complicating the abolition of Judaism 30.12.2015

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