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A former employee of the U.S. Embassy have been found guilty in the exploitation of «sex slaves»

Monday, July 31, a jury in Alexandria (Virginia) has recognized Linda Howard, a former employee of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen, guilty in the second case, the enslavement and sexual exploitation of a woman who worked in her house housekeeper, writes The Washington Post.

In the court’s decision recognized proven fact that Linda Howard and her husband, Russell Howard in 2008, twice in one day raped the Ethiopian, who worked in their home since 2007. In fact, they were accused of operating a «sex slave». Russell died in 2012 and the following year Linda resigned from the state Department. Their case was heard in Virginia, as in this state they lived, it is also a home of their former housekeeper, accusing her employers into forced sex.

The court ruled that Linda Howard has to pay the victim $ 3 million in compensation.

The family’s lawyer Howard insisted that the claim cannot be made on the basis of the law on the prohibition of trafficking in persons, as this law was not passed until 2008. However, the court found these arguments unconvincing.

It is noteworthy that in 2012, the couple Howard in the same court were found guilty of the same crime against another housekeeper. Moreover, the crime was also committed by them in 2008. Then the court ordered them to pay the victim $ 3.3 million. Linda and Russell left US and went to Australia. Through lawyers, they challenged the decision of the court. Soon Russell died, and in 2015 Linda came to terms with the victim.

A former employee of the U.S. Embassy have been found guilty in the exploitation of «sex slaves» 01.08.2017

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