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A «human chain» with a length of 90 km: Europeans require shutdown of dangerous nuclear reactors

Not less than 50,000 people – Germans, Dutch and Belgians protest against the two nuclear power plants. They held hands and stood in a 90-kilometer circuit in protest against the commissioning of the Belgian nuclear reactors «Tihange-2» and «Dul-3», which found many micro cracks.

The participants in this international demonstration require their immediate shutdown, writes on Monday, June 26, the German edition of DW.

Two weeks before the event, it became known that in the reactor vessel «Tihange-2» in the course of ultrasound was discovered 70 new cracks. The Minister of security and internal Affairs of Belgium Jan Jambon says that the safety of nuclear power plants are in no danger

According to the Belgian news Agency Belga, the implementation of a similar inspection in 2015 was discovered, in total, «about 3149 signs» testifying to the damage in the reactor vessel «Tihange-2».

In 2016, German parliamentarians have criticized the decision of Belgium to remain in operation nuclear power plant «Tihange» and «Blew» for free and give all the residents of iodine tablets. For the shutdown of these nuclear plants is the number of politicians, public organizations and municipalities, the newspaper reminds.

The city of Aachen with the support of about one hundred cross-border municipalities filed lawsuits in Belgian courts in connection with the continued operation of the reactor «Tihange-2».

Belgian NPP «Tihange» located near Liege and is approximately 70 kilometres away from Aachen, and «Blew» – in the vicinity of Antwerp and about 150 kilometers from the German border. German experts believe their use is unsafe.

Belgium plans to completely abandon nuclear energy by 2025. Initially it was assumed that the reactors «Tihange-1» and «Blew-1 and Dul-2» will be disabled by 2015, however, the Belgian authorities have extended the period of operation of 10 years.

A «human chain» with a length of 90 km: Europeans require shutdown of dangerous nuclear reactors

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