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A judge in Hawaii imposed a ban on another immigration Ordinance trump

Derrick K. Watson, district judge, Honolulu, Hawaii, has blocked the latest version of the immigration decree of the President of the United States Donald trump, restricting entry to the United States for citizens of eight countries – Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Chad, Somalia, North Korea and Venezuela.

The ban came into effect on Wednesday, October 18, the newspaper the Washington Post.

The decision of the district judge will be appealed, but at the moment the White house cannot restrict the entry of nationals from these countries.
40-page verdict the court said that the ban «suffers from the same disease that his predecessor».

Watson, who in March was blocked by the previous decree of the trump, I noted that the new project «is discriminatory on grounds of nationality» that «contradicts the Federal law and the fundamental principles of the nation», stressing that it lacks evidence of the fact that the entry of more than 150 million citizens from six of these countries will not infringe upon US interests.

The white house has published on the official website statement, where the decision of Watson called «dangerous, wrong and undermine the President’s efforts to ensure the safety of Americans and minimum standards of security when entering the United States» as well as damaging the integrity of the immigration system and the security of the nation.

The representative of the Ministry of justice Ian Prior has said that government lawyers promptly appealed the decision. The Ministry of homeland security confirmed that any court decision will be executed, but there are counting on a victory in appellate court, the statement said the acting Minister of internal security Elaine Duke.

As the site says LiveMint, the White house intends to fight and I am sure that you will win the legal battle, the matter can be included in the U.S. Supreme court, which until now has been more receptive to the efforts of trump to reduce immigrants than judges of lower courts.

We will remind that in June the Supreme court overturned a number of decisions of lower courts that blocked his immigration decree regulations, which said that trump has exceeded his authority and treated by Muslims according to the Constitution.

Trump has blocked today signed a decree on 24 September, adding to the list of countries whose nationals are denied entry in the US, North Korea, Chad and Venezuela. The decree was to come into force at midnight, at the same time extending the previously imposed ban on entry for citizens of Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Somalia, recalls the site

Trump signed the second immigration decree on March 6. Unlike the first version of the decree signed on January 27, the new document contained a ban on entry to U.S. citizens of six countries: Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya. From the list were excluded Iraq.

The first immigration Ordinance was imposed a temporary ban on entering the United States for citizens of Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Sudan as well as refugees. In early February, the effect of this order was suspended by the court and later the court of appeal in San Francisco upheld the decision to block the decree throughout the country.

A judge in Hawaii imposed a ban on another immigration Ordinance trump 18.10.2017

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