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A lawsuit against United Airlines: in 2013, the crew used force to former beauty Queen

The address of United Airlines, one after another, continue to be lawsuits. After a scandal forced the removal of «extra» passenger and occurred on the same day of the incident with another passenger uralischen Scorpion journalist from Houston and former miss Venezuela has filed a lawsuit against United Airlines in connection with the incident that happened to her on Board the aircraft of the airline in 2013.

Carmen maría Montiel told The New York Post in June 2013 I flew the night flight from Houston to Bogota with her daughter and husband, who at the time was the center of a heavy divorce process. During the flight, according to the woman, she asked the flight attendant to give her a pillow, and with this request and with the participation of her husband’s scandal broke, which ended up being two men tied the woman’s hands and forced her to another location.

We will remind, on April 9 United Airlines flight 3411 (Chicago-Louisville) an incident occurred resulting in serious consequences for the airline. At first it was reported that the company sold four tickets more than the seats. Then it turned out that it was sold the correct number of tickets, but it took four seats for members of the relief crew, which was to return the plane from Louisville. However, passengers were notified about the «overbooking» and suggested that the volunteers compensation: paid night in a hotel, $ 400 and a ticket for the next flight. Then the amount of compensation proposed raised to $ 800. But after landing in the cabin showed the «extra» passenger. Then the employees of United Airlines chose the passenger of Asian appearance and asked him to leave the room. When he refused to obey, were caused by the airport security. The three security guards used force and pulled fallen on the floor of the passenger from the plane.

United Airlines has announced that it will return the money for the tickets all passengers in the course of which one of the passengers were forcibly removed from the plane.

CEO United Airlines Oscar muñoz apologized for the incident and assured that nothing like this will happen again.

Meanwhile, 69-year-old doctor David Dao, of which «extra» passenger 9 APR forcibly removed from the flight, the United Airlines, addressed the lawyers.

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A lawsuit against United Airlines: in 2013, the crew used force to former beauty Queen 16.04.2017

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