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A lawyer from heartland accused of may murder Skripal. Review of Russian media

Between Hamas and Fatah planted a bomb in the Gaza strip, assassinated the Prime Minister of Palestine Rami Hamdalla, the blame for which Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas accused the Hamas movement, writes in Wednesday newspaper «Kommersant».

The incident occurred in the first after signing in October 2017 reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah Hamdallah visit to Gaza. To create a government of national consensus is still not possible. According to the authors staticy, the reconciliation process prevented «a regional power», as well as Israel and the United States. And although Washington has finalized a new plan to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Palestinians themselves in this initiative do not believe.

«Moscow will respond to the expulsion of diplomats from UK» is the title of another article for the same publication, which States: if London, as promised, Prime Minister Theresa may will send the Russian diplomats, Russia will respond in kind.

«Mirror measures» have become a tradition in the relations of Russia with the West. The problem is so acute that the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov agreed to discuss with his British counterpart Boris Johnson when he came to Moscow at the end of last year. The Russian Minister was shown the guest list of diplomats awaiting visas to the UK, and Boris Johnson, in response, threw up his hands and declared that he visa is not engaged.

Israeli archaeologists during the excavation in the ancient Canaanite city of Megiddo found an intact burial age about 3,600 years from the remains of notable people, said on Wednesday «the Russian newspaper» with reference to the National Geographic.

In the tomb next to the Royal Palace, created in 1600-1700 BCE was discovered the remains of three people: a child of 8-10 years, women 30 years and men of 40-60 years – presumably members of the same family.

In this grave the archaeologists found a large number of valuable items. So, the man’s head was decorated with a Golden diadem, and the neck gold necklace. Also found gold and silver rings, brooches, bracelets, pins and other jewelry, ceramic vessels and stone jars, presumably brought from Ancient Egypt and Cyprus.

Sociologists have evaluated the reaction of the population to pre-election promises of Vladimir Putin – almost half of Russians doubt the possibility of implementation of tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation, «Nezavisimaya Gazeta».

Only 34% of Russians believe that the announced targets are realistic and achievable – these are the findings of polls conducted by the Russian center for public opinion studies (VTSIOM). Professional economists have noted the inaccessibility of the announced GDP growth rates and labor productivity.

Respondents familiar with the content of speech of Vladimir Putin, and is remembered especially liked the parts about defense, the military-industrial complex (35%), health care reform (11%) and improvement of the welfare of the population (6%). About 7% would like to hear more about the problems of pensioners and 5% on increase of level of salaries. 60% of respondents Message caused enthusiasm, but almost one third (30%) believes the traditional thesis of the Message has already been pronounced, but have not received a real embodiment.

Tim Berners-Lee, one of the founders of the Internet spoke out against the monopolization of the world wide web companies such as Facebook and Google, he stated in an open letter, the newspaper «Izvestia» with reference to The Guardian.

A scientist horrified by the current situation in the network, when corporations Facebook and Google show users only what is necessary to these companies. In the end, according to Berners-Lee, the Network disappears every competition that is the engine of development and progress.
In his message, the expert also pointed out that the two corporations purchase of competent startups, innovation and hiring the best specialists, this means that in the next twenty l of et will be much less innovative than the previous one.

Kirov lawyer Yaroslav Mikhaylov has sent a letter to British intelligence, which has accused Theresa may of poisoning Skripal, writes «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

«In connection with the murder of Mr Berezovsky, the British security services, I ask you to draw the leadership of these structures responsible for organizing the crime. Boris Abramovich Berezovsky was murdered due to the fact that he possessed secret information and was going to give it to the Russian security services. In particular, information on the coup in Russia, which was organized with the knowledge and consent of the Prime Minister. I also request that you be prosecuted for murder attempt at murder of the citizen Sergei Skripal, Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may», – quotes the edition of the text of the letter of provincial Russian lawyer.

A lawyer from heartland accused of may murder Skripal. Review of Russian media 14.03.2018

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