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A man is suing a nightclub because of ice cube thrown into his trousers stripper

A resident of tel Aviv appealed to the court, asserting that the cause of his injury in the night club was an ice cube that a stripper left in his pants. Nightclub, in turn, assures the court that the visitor was just drunk.

The Walla News website published a video taken by surveillance cameras of the nightclub Babydolls two years ago during the «bachelor party» during which the plaintiff suffered.

The man claims that during the erotic dance with strippers one of the girls threw him in the pants the ice cube. A few minutes later he, descending from the stage, slipped and fell. During the fall, the man hit back and broke his leg.

The plaintiff claims that the cause of the fall was melted ice. He also accuses the club of negligence. According to him, if the scene was surrounded by a railing, he would not fall and injure themselves.

The claimant requires from the club compensation in the amount of 175 thousand shekels.

The club management claims that the visitor was drunk. And he fell not because of the ice cube, due to the fact that I tried to jump from the stage.

Walla News notes that the video, caught in the editor, it is impossible to determine the plaintiff slipped or jumped from the stage. A hearing on this claim should be held in next Thursday.

A man is suing a nightclub because of ice cube thrown into his trousers stripper 30.12.2015

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