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A meeting of Arab members of the families of the terrorists. Comments

The scandal about the meeting of three members of Knesset from the BALAD party – Hanin Zuabi, Jamal Zahalka and Bases the Ratas – with the families of the killed terrorists living in the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, was one of the most debated topics in the Israeli media.

This meeting took place shortly before the same family have been taken in Ramallah, the President of the Palestinian national authority Mahmoud Abbas. It is about the relatives of terrorists, who on October 13 last year, made an armed attack on civilians in the bus, followed by area and Armon-Nativ in Jerusalem – were killed 51-year-old Alon (Andrew) Govberg and 78-year-old Haim Haviv, 14 people were injured, and on October 27 he died one of the wounded 76-year-old Richard Leykin, and the relatives of the terrorist who on 13 October in the street Malkei Israel in Jerusalem killed a Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky and wounded four people.

The fact of the Arab meeting of deputies with representatives of these families became known after the father of one of the terrorists posted a video to Facebook, writing that the meeting was «warm and productive and that the Arab deputies expressed sympathy and understanding to the families of «martyrs» whose bodies have still not been handed over to relatives for burial.

Deputies do not advertise this meeting. According to media reports, the families of dead terrorists whose bodies have not been transferred by the authorities for burial, appealed to all Arab MPs in the Knesset. But responded to an invitation only Zuabi, Zahalka and Ratas.

After the scandal broke, the radio station «Sieves Beth» tried to get a comment from the leader of United Arab list Ayman Ude, but he refused to speak on this subject. MP Ahmad Tibi said that it was about the meeting of a humanitarian character, emphasizing that the unit is ready to defend the rights of Arab citizens of Israel at any level.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed to the legal Advisor to the government and to the speaker of the Knesset with a request to check what action can be taken against Arab MPs. According to Netanyahu, politics, sympathetic to terrorists and their families, is not worthy to be members of the Knesset.

The leader of the party «Our home Israel» Avigdor Lieberman, in turn, said: «This meeting leaves no room for doubt: the United Arab list and a member of his party BALAD are agents of terrorist organizations in the Knesset. This is another signal for those members of the government and security authorities who have not realized the obvious: these terrorists as quickly as possible should be kicked out of the Knesset and, preferably, generally from Israel».

The leader of the parliamentary opposition, the Chairman of the «Zionist camp» Isaac Herzog also condemned a meeting of Knesset members from Arab parties with relatives of terrorists. He stressed that such a meeting «invalid, irrelevant and constitute an encouragement of terror.»

A meeting of Arab members of the families of the terrorists. Comments 05.02.2016

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