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A meeting of the Knesset interrupted by clashes between Herzog and Netanyahu

Plenary session of the Knesset dedicated to the fight against poverty, was stopped for several minutes due to clashes between opposition leader Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The fever pitch is not in the discussion of the main theme, standing on the agenda, and when discussing the incitement, sounding to President Reuven Rivlin.

Rising to the podium of the Knesset Isaac Herzog criticized Netanyahu for the ongoing social policies, which, he said, was the growth of poverty in the country. But then the leader of the opposition demanded from the Prime Minister to unequivocally condemn those who are involved in incitement against President Reuven Rivlin. The Duke demanded that Netanyahu got up to the microphone and announced that «he recognizes Reuven Rivlin President of his country and condemns those who believe otherwise».

Note that Netanyahu was obliged to be present at today’s discussion on poverty, as they were demanded by 40 parliamentarians.

The Duke demanded from Netanyahu to order the Shin bet to strengthen the protection of Reuven Rivlin, and to require the police to investigate and detain those who threaten the President. According to the Duke that the current atmosphere in Israeli society resembles the situation before the murder of Yitzhak Rabin.

Benjamin Netanyahu rose to the podium and stated that he condemns any calls for violence against the President. However, he stressed that it also protects every citizen’s right to their own opinion. «Duke, I have a favor to ask you, rebuke activists of the «Sovra of Shtika», clevamama on the soldiers of the IDF and Israel.» In the lobby parliamentarians met the words of the head of the government with applause.

Isaac Herzog returned to the podium and stated that from the lips of Netanyahu voiced condemnation. His words were met with applause. After that, Parliament speaker Yuli Edelstein was forced to announce a break. Five minutes later, the Duke continued his speech, which was interrupted by shouts from the audience.

A meeting of the Knesset interrupted by clashes between Herzog and Netanyahu 17.12.2015

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