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A military court began the reading of the verdict Elora Azariah

A military court of «Kyrie» began the reading of the sentence the soldier Elora Azariah. Near the courthouse is a demonstration of supporters Elora Azariah, which was attended by over a hundred people. Order support 350 police officers.

The reading of the verdict began at exactly 12:00. In a courtroom there are Elora Azariah, his parents, relatives and friends, former MP from the party Yisrael Beiteinu Sharon Gal and is a member of the Knesset, Oren Hazan (Likud).

On 4 January, the military court acknowledged Azariah guilty of manslaughter of a terrorist, and in conduct unworthy of a soldier. During the discussion of punishment the military Prosecutor’s office demanded to sentence the soldier to a prison term of three to five years. The Prosecutor Lieutenant-Colonel Nadav Weissman explained that we are talking about the soft punishment, considering that the maximum sentence for manslaughter is 20 years. The prosecution took into account the fact that we are talking about the perfect soldier, who had still penalties for any offence.

The prosecution requires to count the months spent with Alaram Azarias in open arrest, sentence and insists on the demotion of a soldier in uniform.

Protection, in turn, asks not to sentence Elora Azariah to prison for more than two years. Lawyers are also asked to consider the time spent by Aloram Azarias in open arrest, part of the punishment, and not to reduce a soldier in rank.

He ALOR Azariah asked the court for leniency on the background of the difficult situation, which is his family.

After the verdict, lawyers Elora Azariah stated that they intend to appeal. It is noted that the request for commutation of sentence or clemency can be filed only after the appeal will be considered. It is expected that attorneys will ask the court to defer entry of judgment until the appeals.

A military court began the reading of the verdict Elora Azariah 21.02.2017

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