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A Ministerial panel has approved the law on NGOs with foreign funding

Sunday, December 27, at the Ministerial Committee on legislation unanimously approved amendments to the law on non-profit organizations that receive funding from abroad. Radio station «Sieves Beth» said that the bill was proposed by justice Minister Ayelet shaked.

The draft law says that NGOs that receive more than 50% of their funding from abroad, are obliged to note this on all of our printed products, as well as in their reports.

In all his appeals to civil servants or officials with written queries and also during the participation in sessions and meetings at which minutes shall be kept, representatives of the NGOs should indicate the fact of receiving money from abroad.

When referring to the civil servants and officials, as well as in the distributed reports, the organization should indicate that most of the funding it receives from abroad, and also indicate the donor countries.

Pluse The website indicates that the violation of any of these items, the organization can be fined up to 29.200 shekels.

In addition, lobbyists from NGOs with foreign funding are required when you visit the Knesset to wear a badge with the estate and the name of your organization.

Ayelet shaked after the vote on the Ministerial Commission said the EU Ambassador, who expressed their concerns about the law, which, in his words, «strikes at democracy and freedom of speech in Israel.» Ayelet shaked said that the threat to democracy is not the law, and the intervention of foreign powers in the internal politics and life of Israel.

The leader of Meretz, Zahava galon stated that the bill passed with the sole purpose to hinder the work of the leftist organizations that criticize the current government.

A Ministerial panel has approved the law on NGOs with foreign funding 27.12.2015

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