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A Moscow court decided on the expulsion from Russia of Israeli Rabbi

Khamovnichesky court of Moscow found working in Russia, Israeli Rabbi Yosef Kherson guilty of an administrative offense and ordered that Kherson has to pay a fine and to leave Russia.

Rabbi Yosef Kherson, immigrated to Israel in 1991 from Dnepropetrovsk, in 2002, came to Moscow at the invitation Maryinoroschinskoe the Jewish community to «help the revival of Jewish life in the Russian capital».

Kherson received permission to work in Moscow as a «consultant on matters of religion,» and the last 15 years spent in the Central synagogue prayer and Torah lessons.

According to Rabbi, the first time the Moscow authorities did not interfere with his activities, but in the last few years the number of audits conducted by various official bodies, in particular the Moscow Prosecutor’s office.

Kherson told the editorial that the first serious incident occurred in late January of this year, when the Rabbi was accused of violation of immigration laws due to the fact that as the address of its registration as resident in Moscow, the foreign citizen was not specified his home address and the address of the inviting organization. The trial, which took place the next day after the wedding, Kherson, not found in its actions of structure of an offense, because, under Russian law, a foreign citizen who came to Russia to work at the invitation of a certain organization has the right to specify the address of registration address of the organization.

11 may, after a regular inspection, the Moscow Prosecutor’s office, the community center was checking the representatives of migration services, again accusing Kherson in violation of immigration laws. This time the Rabbi was accused that he received in Russia a work permit in matters of religion, but it is listed in the liquidation Commission of the Educational center «Among friends».

According to Kherson, we are talking about exclusively nominal positions, as the education center «Among its» liquidation fee which is the Rabbi, has not started its activities, however, this legal entity could not be eliminated in connection with bureaucratic difficulties. However, Moscow’s Khamovniki court insisted on the formal side of the issue and agreed with the requirement of the Ministry of interior, recognizing the Kherson guilty of an administrative violation and was sentenced to pay a fine and administrative expulsion, according to which the Rabbi for another five years will not be able to enter Russia.

Attorneys Joseph Herson intend to challenge the court’s decision in Moscow city court. Kherson himself in the conversation with our editors stressed that he does not know than he deserved such attention of the Russian law enforcement bodies.

A Moscow court decided on the expulsion from Russia of Israeli Rabbi 16.05.2017

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