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A new round of conflict between the FBI and Apple programmers are developing more stringent protection

On the background of the conflict with the FBI, which for a week the press reports, Apple has begun to develop a new, more stringent protection system for the iPhone, which the U.S. government will not be able to hack existing methods.

About it writes on Thursday, February 25, the New York Times.

The publication reports that Apple engineers are already working on new protections that will make it impossible for the government hacking devices are blocked by those methods, referred to in court proceedings in California.

As a result of this work, «the company will create serious technical difficulties for law enforcement, even if the Obama administration will prevail in a dispute regarding access to the iPhone» used by the terrorist of San Bernardino.

We will remind that last week a court in California has asked Apple to provide the FBI software that allows you to access information stored on the iPhone. The device belonged to the terrorist Saeed Farouk, who participated in the attack on the disabled center in San Bernardino and was eliminated. As a result of this terrorist attack occurred on 2 December last year, 14 people died and more than 20 others were wounded.

CEO Tim cook said in an interview with ABC News that will challenge the FBI and not intended to give intelligence agencies the software that allows you to hack the iPhone.

In support of Apple last week made one of the most influential in U.S. human rights organizations – the American Union of protection of civil liberties (ACLU).

Note that Apple’s security is a key principle of the global marketing strategy and a new level of protection will not only ensure her victory in the struggle against the government, but also will attract new investors and users.

Earlier, White house spokesman Josh Ernest said that the Ministry of justice has asked Apple to grant access to just one phone, stressing that «they are not asking Apple to make a new product design or create a «back door» to one of the company’s products». Cook said that the allegations Ernest untrue.

Until today the state authorities in the USA were regularly lost the battle with technology companies, but the authorities in monitoring digital communications.

A new round of conflict between the FBI and Apple programmers are developing more stringent protection 25.02.2016

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