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A Norwegian parliamentarian has nominated BDS for the Nobel peace prize

The Deputy of Parliament of Norway Bjornar have Moxnes, the leader of the ultra-leftist red party, and was nominated for the Nobel peace prize to the BDS movement, calling for a boycott of Israel and not recognized as legitimate in several countries and several us States.

About it writes on Monday, February 12, edition of The Middle East Eye that the MP gave an interview last Friday.

Have moxnes argues that this step is not aimed against Jewish people and against the policy of the state of Israel, which, he is convinced, contrary to the interests of the population.

«BDS is a peaceful, legitimate and non-violent movement that seeks to convince the government of Israel to comply with international laws and supported the struggle for a peaceful settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict», – quotes the edition of words of a Norwegian MP.

Moxnes has also said that he seeks to establish social justice in Norway and worldwide, and argued that his proposal was welcomed by the world community with enthusiasm – except for the negative reaction «and the far-right extremist» by the government of Israel. He did not fail to emphasize that «quite free of anti-Semitism» and «has nothing against Jews.»

Recall that from January 2018, the Norwegian government ceased financial support to organizations whose purpose is to promote the boycott of Israel.

A Norwegian parliamentarian has nominated BDS for the Nobel peace prize 12.02.2018

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