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A rating of «mobility» countries of the world: Israel gives Russia and Ukraine, but avoids the US

Scientists from Stanford University (USA) has collected information on physical activity among smartphone users in 111 countries, according to a scientific portal ScienceAlert.

In the study, researchers analyzed data from more than 700 thousand users of the mobile application that monitors physical activity. They managed to establish a significant difference in the level of physical activity between the «movable» and «lazy» countries, RIA Novosti reported.

A detailed report on the results of this study, with graphs and tables that are published on the website of the journal Nature and on the website of Stanford University.

In 46 countries were able to obtain data for more than 1000 users of the app that tracks physical activity.

The average in these countries was summarized in a rating of the mobility, the leader of which was a Hong Kong – where the Respondent makes on average 6880 steps a day. The TOP 10 includes such countries as China (6189 steps a day), Ukraine (6107), Japan (6010), Russia (5969), Spain (5936), Sweden (5863), South Korea (5755), Singapore (5674), Switzerland (5512).

Israel in this ranking at the 25th place, with an average of 5033 steps per day – slightly inferior to Turkey, but actively any of the Arab countries. USA – 30th place (4774).

The least mobile (from 46 countries) was Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Qatar, Brazil, India, Egypt and Greece.

However, scientists noted that levels of obesity among residents of countries that have become objects of study, depends not only on average physical activity, but from disparities in the levels between the groups.

In this respect, the leaders are countries such as Hong Kong, China, Sweden, South Korea, Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore, Norway, Ukraine, Netherlands. Russia was in 14th place. Israel occupies 23-e a place, avoiding all the Arab countries. UK – 36, USA – only on the 42nd place.

A rating of «mobility» countries of the world: Israel gives Russia and Ukraine, but avoids the US 14.07.2017

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