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A report by B’tselem: during interrogations in the Israel security Agency used torture

Wednesday, February 24, organization B’tselem published a report based on the testimonies of 116 Palestinian Arabs, which in 2013-2014 was questioned by investigators of the General security service (SHABAK). It comes to detention facility of the Israel security Agency, located in prison «sikma».

According to the testimony of the Arabs who were suspected of committing crimes against state security, during the investigation they were handcuffed and forced to sit for hours in painful positions, were applied to them moral as well as physical violence. The approval of the former defendants, they received very little food, which often was tainted, they were deprived of sleep for a period greater than that permitted by the high court of appeals, for a long time they were in solitary confinement in unsanitary conditions. Some witnesses reported that security guards would take them into the prison courtyard, were ordered to undress and were left chained to chairs for 16 hours.

14 witnesses reported physical violence: shoving, slaps, punches, and steps, leading to respiratory failure.

Speaking of moral pressure, untried most often mentioned screaming and humiliation. «I said I was garbage, what a jerk I was, insulted my younger sister suffering from cerebral palsy,» said one questioned.

About one third of the witnesses reported that they had been beaten by soldiers at the time of arrest and torture during interrogation by the security services of the Palestinian authority. In the report, B’tselem States that «the Israeli investigative authorities use the information from the Palestinian authorities through torture, become complicit in this violation of international legal norms».

The authors of the report characterize the attitude towards detainees as «inhumane and extremely humiliating».

Second channel ITV leads the reaction of the press service of the ISA, which reads as follows: «In the Supreme court of appeal based on the allegations contained in the report, B’tselem. The Prosecutor’s office provided a detailed answer, and therefore the ISA does not intend to comment on the claims presented in a biased and perverted form. We note only that the investigation is conducted by the ISA, in accordance with the law, and the goal is to prevent activities aimed at undermining the security of the state. The activities of the Israel security Agency is under the control of the judiciary, and internal and external structures, such as the state Comptroller, office of public Prosecutor, legal adviser to the government, the Knesset.»

In a recent interview with the former head of the Jewish Department of the SHABAK Menachem Landau categorically denied allegations of torture. «Any physical measures impact no. Defendants do not beat, do not hang it upside down,» said Landau. He also rejected all allegations regarding other methods of physical impact. «All the stories about torture and things like that, that tale, whose purpose is obvious: to undermine the investigation,» said Landau.

A report by B’tselem: during interrogations in the Israel security Agency used torture 24.02.2016

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