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A report on the death of the pilot of the F-16 Ohad Cohen-Nova

The final report of the special Commission on investigation of causes of the crash of the F-16, which is 5 October 2016, said Ohad Cohen-New, confirmed preliminary assumptions – the crew acted according to the instructions provided for emergency situations.

Not found a technical fault in the plane or in the ejection system.

According to the report, the main cause of the crash was a landing with asymmetric load upon uneven use of ammunition, fixed in different parts of the aircraft.

Itself is fit with an asymmetric load is no exception, and is worked by the pilots. The experts came to the conclusion that critical was a forced decision of the crew already coming in for a landing, start climbing and go to an extra round before landing.

Once it became clear that the plane lost control, the pilots ejected. In the result of the ejection Navigator of the plane survived and the pilot was killed.

The authors of the report concluded that neither the user of the air force nor manufacturer’s instructions is almost not considered the possibility of re-landing in a situation of asymmetric load.

In this regard, the air force ordered to increase security clearances when landing in conditions of asymmetrical loading. The results of the investigation will be examined in training air force pilots.

A report on the death of the pilot of the F-16 Ohad Cohen-Nova 16.02.2017

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