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A Republican from Texas in the center of the scandal: «the Reason of the Holocaust – the prohibition to carry arms»

Vallauris Swenson, a legislator-a Republican in the Texas state Senate, appeared in the center of the scandal, published on his page in social network Facebook two pictures, wrote on Thursday, March 29, edition of the Dallas News.

One of them shows 7.000 pairs of shoes belonging to children who perished at the hands of criminals since 2012 after the massacre at the school Sandy Hook. These shoes were billed March 13, opponents of the law limiting the carrying of weapons at the Capitol building.

The second depicted the mountains of shoes belonging to dead prisoners of the death camps, burned in ovens by the Nazis. According to the author, who calls himself a «conservative Republican», this collage is meant to demonstrate the danger posed by this law. She argues that the ban on carrying weapons caused the death of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.

This post copied from the official website Ted Cruz Meme Page was posted on social media on Monday and was accompanied by a quote from philosopher George Santayana: «those Who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.»

Currently the post Swenson removed from the social network, but remains on the page Ted Cruz Meme Page, where he collected 300,000 comments, mostly negative, and 100,000 posts.

«Comparison of state-sanctioned genocide, mass shootings in schools is not only stupid, but also insulting the memory of Holocaust victims and threatens the safety of children in schools», – quotes the edition of one of the typical comments.

Note that on Saturday, March 24, hundreds of thousands of Americans staged a demonstration, demanding the tightening of the rules for issuance of the licence to acquire arms. Participants in the «March for our lives», the vast majority of whom were young people, carried placards reading «Protect children, not guns» and «am I next?».

The demonstrators called on legislators and President of the trump to increase the control of firearms, threatening to solve the issue by voting in the next election.

A Republican from Texas in the center of the scandal: «the Reason of the Holocaust – the prohibition to carry arms»

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