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A resident of Nablus arrested on suspicion of the murder of Michael Halimi

Wednesday, August 2, was allowed to publish the information that a resident of Nablus arrested on suspicion of the murder of 29-year-old Michal Halimi, a resident of one of the settlements in the district of Benjamin.

According to published information, Halimi, who was the girlfriend of the suspect, was in the last stages of pregnancy.

As the press service of the police of the disappearance Michal Halima became known in late may. Her family said that the woman left the house and moved to his friend in Nablus. In the course of search in social networks was discovered sharing photos of Michal, a resident of Nablus, as well as records of their intention to marry.

The police questioned the man, and in his evidence were discovered of the apparent contradiction, after which the suspect was detained. The investigation was transferred to the Central police Department, and it soon became clear that the day of the disappearance Michal saw her with the suspect in the desert areas of the Holon.

Police arrested several residents of Taibe, who maintained contact with the suspect. On 24 July, the body of Michael Halimi was discovered in the Sands in Holon, and later identified in the Institute of forensic medicine.

The suspect confessed to the murder and restored his investigative experiment.

Version suspect, he strangled the woman, struck her several blows with stones on the head, then hid the body and fled the scene.

It was initially reported that the murder was committed out of jealousy, but in the course of the investigation the detainee claimed that a woman was murdered for nationalistic reasons.

August 2, police filed in the magistrate court of Jerusalem the Declaration on the conclusion of the investigation. At the same time his arrest was extended by five days. In the coming days, the Prosecutor’s office will charge him with murder and additional crimes.

A resident of Nablus arrested on suspicion of the murder of Michael Halimi 02.08.2017

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