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A resident of Primorye was «raised» in the morgue and went to his own funeral

This amazing story happened in one of the settlements of the Khasan district of Primorsky Krai. During the feast one of its participants who were in a state of severe alcoholic intoxication, fell down dead.

Companions called for an ambulance, but arriving to the scene the medics were not able to return the deceased to life. They stated the death of the man and took him to the morgue, it is reported on Wednesday, December 30, website «Primorye 24» referring to the newspaper «Khasan news».

However, in the morgue «corpse» suddenly came to life and scared the hell out of a female caretaker who used to crawl, knocking from inside the fridge. She, however, took myself in hand and told about what happened to the doctors who at first did not believe and called the police.

«That night the local morgue was filled to capacity, bodies were lying not only on shelves but on the floor of the refrigerator, where she identified our «deceased» character. After some time the man woke up, not understanding where: around it Was very dark and cold, and his brain was still clouded by alcohol. In the dark he felt someone’s cold limbs, and in fear, rushed to the door but it was locked. Then the man came banging on the door that it forces», – the newspaper quotes the words of the operative of criminal investigation Department Alexey Stoev.

The walking dead warmed, interrogated and released home, where friends were celebrating a Wake for the deceased. Opened the door buddy, drinking buddy, seeing a resurrected corpse and fainted, after which the funeral turned into a celebration of rebirth.

A resident of Primorye was «raised» in the morgue and went to his own funeral 30.12.2015

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