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A resident of tel Aviv was arrested for sexual harassment to the police

A resident of tel Aviv Shani Shaham was detained on Wednesday, July 26, for sexual harassment to the police after, according to the girl, she only slightly touched his shoulder. This is the website Nana10.

The incident occurred in the morning when Shani left the house to go to work. Next to her car she saw a police officer who wrote her a ticket for Parking in the wrong place. After 20 minutes of waiting, she realized, late for work and appealed to the law enforcement officer with a request to complete this procedure later. She put a hand on the shoulder of a policeman.

«At this point he’s just confused, says Shani. – He yelled that I got into a police car and accused me of sexual harassment and threats of the police».

Shani was taken to the police station a few hours later was summoned for questioning, where he told that going to have on her. As a result, the girl was released without opening the case.

«The ease with which detain a person for sexual harassment, just shows how the police, designed to protect society, does not understand the meaning of such serious words like «sexual harassment,» says Shani.

The police said that after Shani approached a policeman and saw that he is going to write her a ticket, she began to disturb him to perform duties and several times clapped him on the shoulder. «In addition, she stressed that is a prominent journalist and could embarrass him in social networks,» he told police.

It is also alleged that the girl refused to get into the police car and drive to the station. «In the Israel police condemn any attempt to interfere with the work of the police, it is a violation of the law,» the statement says.

A resident of tel Aviv was arrested for sexual harassment to the police 27.07.2017

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