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A second time delayed a vote on the law on the financing of NGOs

Monday, 1 February, the leadership of the coalition decided again to postpone the vote in the first reading the law on the financing of NGOs. The first time the vote was postponed a week ago because the Parliament interrupted its work because of bad weather.

Officially, the vote was postponed by a week due to «intense agenda», but according to observers, the transfer is associated with the pressure exerted by foreign governments, requiring the freezing of this bill.

As reported by political commentator of the Parliamentary TV channel Yaron Avraham, a number of Knesset members received in the last days complaints from the ambassadors of several European States with a request for a meeting «to discuss current issues.» In fact it is about the attempt to put pressure on members of Parliament m order to convince them to torpedo the bill. Not reported on the deputies from any parties involved, however, Yaron Abraham stressed that the number of invitees to the meeting included deputies from the «Likud» close to the Prime Minister.

Recall that according to the bill, proposed by justice Minister Ayelet shaked («Bayt Yehudi»), all of the organization, whose budget is at least 50% consists of donations of foreign governments, should inform all of their documents.

In the original version of the bill also contained a requirement for all activists of these organizations to wear the appropriate insignia for any visit to the Knesset. Against this point of law was supported by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In an interview with the Minister of justice stated that «on 25 January, the bill as amended will be submitted to the Knesset in the first reading, then the bill will go for consideration to the Commission on legislation, and there will be discussed all possible changes, including those mentioned by Netanyahu». At the same time, the Second channel ITV reported that the item distinguishing marks removed from the text of the bill.

A second time delayed a vote on the law on the financing of NGOs 01.02.2016

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