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A secret police agent helped to expose scams in six gas companies

On the morning of Monday, December 7, police detained nine senior employees of the various gas companies suspected of illegal supply of gas to citizens, reported the press service of law enforcement agencies.

According to published information, this is the first in the history of the police in this case, the disclosure of fraud in the gas companies involved undercover agent.

The information he collected helped to substantiate the suspicions against employees of gas companies, which are suspected of having supplied natural gas structures, which do not have the right to do. According to suspicions, the gas storage and its transportation was carried out carelessly, in violation of basic safety standards, which put under direct threat to the lives of citizens.

In particular, we are talking about the fact that the gas cylinders did not pass a preliminary check of compliance with the required standards. In addition, it was found that loading the cylinders in the vehicles were manufactured with apparent carelessness, and the cars themselves did not meet the requirements for the transportation of gas.

On the morning of December 7, were searched on the territory of six gas companies, as well as in the homes of the suspects. During the search were seized documents, and arrested the suspects account.

December 7, the detainees will be brought before the world court in Rishon LeZion, and the police will ask to extend the period of his detention.

Police reported that before the arrest operation of suspects took place the ceremony of awarding the agent a service weapon and the identity of the police officer.

A secret police agent helped to expose scams in six gas companies 07.12.2015

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