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A series of terrorist attacks in the South of France; the number of victims has risen to four

In the commune of Trèbes in the South of France had committed a series of terrorist attacks: the theft of the machine, which was shot by the driver, an armed attack on employees of special forces of the French national police and the armed attack on visitors of a supermarket Super U. For all attacks is the same terrorist. As a result of terrorist attacks killed 4 people.

On Friday, March 23, in the afternoon, armed man stole a car Opel Corsa, opening fire on him. The driver of the car was injured, the passenger, 60-year-old Jean Mezieres, a resident of the village of villedubert just died on the spot. Then the criminal opened fire on the staff of special forces of the French national police (CRS), injuring one of them.

About an hour later, a terrorist armed with knives, pistols and grenades, stormed the supermarket Super U in Trebes. The majority of staff Super U and the buyers managed to leave the building, but the attacker, who called himself «a soldier of the Islamic state», seized more than ten hostages.

The terrorist shot one of the sellers and the buyer. The buyer’s identity is not yet established. As for the seller, a 50-year-old Christian Miedwie. According to friends and acquaintances, Christian was a «good and courageous guy,» so most likely he died trying to stop the terrorist. However, the details of the incident, the building is still unknown. As a result of the capture of the supermarket 16 people were injured.

Two hours later, the hostages were released. It was reported that the terrorist demanded the release of Salah Abdella, one of the main organizers of the terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015, which were killed 130 people.

Approximately an hour later, the terrorist was shot by police. His identity is established, according to L’independant. It is 25-year-old Radwan Lakdim, a French citizen born in Morocco; the last time he was unemployed. Bursting into the building of a supermarket, Lakdim shouted «Allahu Akbar!», and called himself a «soldier of the Islamic state.» Taking hostages, he called his mother, who soon came to Super U with his sisters.

On Saturday, March 24, in the hospital, he died 45-the summer Colonel of gendarmerie, and Arno Beltrami received before a severe wound during the attack at the Super U. Thus, the number of victims of the terrorist attacks in the Culvert increased to four.
As reported Europe1, Beltram was one of the first law enforcement officers appeared on the scene. When he entered the supermarket building, then invited a terrorist to take the place of one of the hostages held by them. Mobile phone Beltram’s terrorist used to contact the police. After a few minutes of negotiations that yielded nothing, shots rang out. Beltram was soon wounded and taken to hospital.

The command of the gendarmerie noticed that Arno Beltram acted contrary to the developed procedure, according to which the police officer was on the scene first, have to shoot the terrorist and not to offer himself as a hostage. However, the actions of Arnaud Beltram’s saved the life of one of the hostages, and possibly multiple people.

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A series of terrorist attacks in the South of France; the number of victims has risen to four 24.03.2018

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