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A source in the White house: «President trump insists on the principle of two States»

The evening of February 14 was held in Washington Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. According to published information, the meeting lasted approximately two hours, during the talks, Netanyahu and Tillerson discussed all relevant to the middle East problem in the first place the Iranian subjects. Before the end of the meeting, Netanyahu invited Tillerson to visit Israel in the near future.

February 15 will meet the Israeli Prime Minister and U.S. President Donald trump. On Tuesday evening, speaking to reporters, a senior White house source said on condition of anonymity that the US President would not insist on resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian authority on the basis of the principle of «two States for two peoples.» The source, who was quoted by Israeli journalists in Washington, he added: «President trump is interested to start work on reaching an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, but it need not be based on the principle of two States. Only the parties themselves will determine the model agreement. The US President is interested in the resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian authority, will assist in the diplomatic process, but did not intend to impose on the parties a particular path to peace».

We are talking about the rejection of traditional US foreign policy. The previous White house administration has supported the creation of a Palestinian state and the resolution on the basis of the principle of two States. Before the last presidential election, this item was withdrawn from the foreign policy platform of the Republican party.

The statements of the source in the White house has provoked sharp criticism from representatives of the Palestinian authority. A senior activist of the Fatah Kadoorie fares said in an interview with radio station «Galey IDF»: «the Rejection of the principle of two States will be a historic mistake, because it is the only model that can lead to peace between Israelis and Palestinians.»

No Israeli official source has not commented on the statement by a source in the White house. Recall that before leaving Netanyahu in Washington, the government started a debate about the position that the head of the government should present at the talks with the President of the United States. The leaders of the «Bayt Yehudi» Naftali Bennett and Ayelet shaked as well as some Ministers from Likud, insisted on a public Declaration of the abandonment of the principle of two States for two peoples. Netanyahu announced that he intends to say to Trump. «I will lead and guide the process of strengthening the historical Alliance with the United States for the benefit of our national security and all citizens of the country», – said the Prime Minister before departure.

It is expected that during the meeting Netanyahu and trump will be discussed the problem of Iran and Syria, and these themes will be prevalent.

Israeli media reported that negotiations with trump Israeli Prime Minister intends to raise the issue of the possibility of repatriation to Israel of Jonathan Pollard.

A source in the White house: «President trump insists on the principle of two States» 15.02.2017

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