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A stranger paid the debt of the family of the «Russian» soldier front «Israel Power»

All week social media was a discussion of the history, witness of which was blogger Daniel Danino on a train EN route from Lod to be’er Sheva. This story is described in her blog on Facebook. This post reprinted more than two thousand people, it drew the attention of Israeli media, including the 2nd channel ITV.

Daniel Danino wrote in her blog that she accidentally witnessed a phone conversation of the girl soldier with a representative from the Electric company. The girl cried and begged me not to turn off the light in her mother’s house. A soldier tried to explain that only in the end of the month her mother with a disability will receive an allowance from the national insurance Institute and will be able to make the first payment. At this time, a soldier approached by an unknown man, took from her phone and paid with your Bank account debt of a family member as well before the Electric company. The man paid around 2,000 shekels. The blogger, who also held military service in the army, was so impressed with the man that asked permission to photograph him. This picture of the «angel from the train,» she also posted in her blog.

2-th channel ITV tracked down the man, an act which touched thousands of Israelis, and invited him to the Studio. A former military officer of the IDF’s Ofir Isaac was embarrassed by the attention. According to him, he paid the girl, not expecting her gratitude, and was happy to help a soldier. The 2nd channel also tracked down the mother of a soldier — Elena Arkhiptseva. In the air of the woman told that before re-turn on the lights in her apartment, she was called by representatives of the Electric company and was informed that the bill was paid by a complete stranger, and this news was for her a huge surprise. The mother of a soldier in the air 2-channel Ophir thanked Isaac for his help and they exchanged phone numbers.

A stranger paid the debt of the family of the «Russian» soldier front «Israel Power» 20.02.2016

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