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A Swiss court acquitted the surgeon who cut off the penis of a 4-year-old patient

Judges acquitted a 59-year-old surgeon, who was charged with «criminal negligence» during the operation at the circumcision of his young patient lost his penis.

About it writes on Thursday, April 20, the local edition of Le Temps.

The investigation suggests that the accident occurred through no fault of the surgeon: at the crucial moment the boy turned around to removing it on the camera parents and as a result have lost a sexual organ

The judge came to the conclusion that the cause of the tragedy was not the negligence of the doctor, but an unfortunate coincidence and has described the incident as an accident, writes newspaper the Local.

The incident in question occurred on 31 July 2014 in Geneva. Muslim parents brought their 4 year old son to the surgeon and asked to get the boy a ritual circumcision.

The Prosecutor demanded to fine the defendant for the unintentional infliction of grievous bodily harm 200 francs, and the lawyer Charles zhua reminded that his client had advised the boy’s father to take him to the hospital at the University of Geneva. He also stressed that the doctor couldn’t concentrate at work, because the operating table became the center of the photo session.

However, victims ‘ lawyer Jacques emery believes the court has overlooked the responsibility of a doctor who has not prevented a dangerous situation during operation. Emery believes that the boy’s parents paid the surgeon for permission to remove the operation.

A Swiss court acquitted the surgeon who cut off the penis of a 4-year-old patient 21.04.2017

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