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A terrorist attack in San Bernardino: the killer led a theological dispute with the victim – a Messianic Jew

Nicholas Thalassinos, one of the victims of the massacre perpetrated by the Islamists in the city of San Bernardino, California, several days before the murder came from the perpetrator of the tragedy said Rizwana Farooq in a theological dispute. Thalassinos, a Jew, professing Messianic, refused to recognize Islam as a peaceful religion, what Farouk said, Americans don’t understand what is the essence of the faith of Muslims.

Wrote about this over the weekend to news Agency AR with reference to social networks, where there was this dispute.

Daily News reports citing a source in the environment of the terrorist: Farouk also claimed that Israel is not the homeland of the Jews, and those have nothing to do with him.

Note that Messianic Judaism is a religious movement, the followers of which believe that Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth) is the Jewish Messiah and the Savior of all mankind, whose coming was promised by the prophets of the Tanakh. Thalassinos, as reported by his friends, wore the traditional costume of a Jewish believer, and his page on the social network Facebook is full of «posts» in support of Israel and criticism of Islam and President Barack Obama.

On the eve of the terrorist organization «Islamic state» claimed responsibility for the attack in San Bernardino , which killed 14 people. Associated with IG radio said that the attack was committed by the militants of this group.

The FBI has described this massacre as a terrorist attack inspired by radical Islamist ideology but has not confirmed the information about the direct participation of ISIS or another group to organize this attack.

Earlier it was reported that Tashfeen Malik, who along with her husband Saeed Farooq made the attack, for a few minutes before the attack (according to other sources, at the time of the attack) published a statement of allegiance to the leader of the IG Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In addition, the American authorities noted that Saeed Farooq was in contact with two branches of al-Qaeda — Syrian group «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra» and the Somali «Al-Shabab».

A terrorist attack in San Bernardino: the killer led a theological dispute with the victim – a Messianic Jew 06.12.2015

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