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A unique method BTS – a novelty in the fight against obesity and imbalances

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Have you tried every other diet and ability to lose weight, but to no avail? Have you thought about surgery, but didn’t know which is better – surgery to reduce stomach volume or liposuction? You took a firm decision in the new year to lose weight and transform, but I don’t know how to do it?
To correctly set a goal and begin to achieve it, first determine what you are concerned: excess weight, the disproportion of the figure or too much skin?

If in your example we are talking only about getting rid of excess weight (in cases of significant excess) usually surgery is recommended to reduce the stomach volume. However, this operation almost always leads to significant excess skin to be removed through a series of operations.

If you are concerned about a disparity of shapes and fat deposits in abdomen, buttocks and thighs – it is appropriate to turn to liposuction. But here, when large amounts of pumped fat chances of side effect in the form of loose and flabby extra skin.

But there is a method that can simultaneously save you from excess weight and volume, adjusting the proportions of the figure without the formation of loose and hanging excess skin.

At the conference organized by the European Association for obesity, this problem, dozens of years later, was recognized, finally, disease. As with other diseases, overweight is not the fault of the person. This is the result of a failure of the hormonal and nervous systems, control of which we are not able to, that’s why any diet subsequently leads to additional weight gain, and treatment of this disease can only be comprehensive.

One of these complex methods is the BTS system is a revolutionary combination technique, combining a microsurgical procedure less traumatic for the simultaneous getting rid of excess fat and tightening of skin and subsequent medical treatment.

The basis for the development of this method was the fact that the majority of overweight people suffer from distortions of shape and fat deposition in various parts of the body: someone has a problem is expressed in the vast thighs and buttocks, someone in a huge belly with fat folds and rasplyvsheysya waist.

The BTS system allows to adjust the area of the body where fat deposits are most pronounced, and to harmonise the proportions of the figure. This is achieved by using the Body Tite procedure that removes fat and tightens the skin in the problem area. In the process of conducting the fat cells are destroyed, and this area of the body further formation of fat is impossible.

About a month after surgery with Tite Body – when your body has already acquired a more fit and proportional appearance – begins the second phase of the programme, based on the medicinal product Saxenda, which is issued by prescription and taken under medical supervision.

The purpose of this tool is to significantly reduce the weight and to achieve the required performance. Saxenda is almost devoid of side effects and is a reliable drug the effect of which is confirmed by the Israel Ministry of health and the American pharmaceutical Association FDA.

Saxenda contains the active ingredient Liraglutide, mimic the action of the natural hormone GLP 1, produced by our intestines after eating. This hormone is balancing blood sugar levels, affects special brain center that controls appetite and slows down the process of liberation of the stomach from food. Taking it, we don’t feel hunger satisfied and a very small amount of food.

Studies have shown that most patients taking Saxenda, and get rid of excess weight, in some cases reaching very high levels. Following the BTS system, developed by Dr. Ann Gurevich, it is possible to lose about 20-30 pounds, to regain a slim body and slender figure, and save the obtained results in the long term.

This drug is recommended in patients with diabetes because its use is balanced by the sugar content in the blood. Many of those who put this diagnosis, no additional drugs, except for Saxenda, the dosage of other drugs is significantly reduced.

Dr. Anne Gurevich uses this technique, based on the individual performance of each turned to her patient. Goals and objectives, as well as weight reduction, which in the end should be determined on the basis of the patient’s health status and other indicators of his life.

The execution of the entire program usually takes no more than six months.
For more information and registration for consultation call: 050-3361999 or use our contact form.

A unique method BTS – a novelty in the fight against obesity and imbalances 25.09.2017

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