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A vote of no confidence in the government was accompanied by a scandal in the Knesset

Sunday, February 8, at the plenary session of the Knesset discussed the censure motion put forward by the «Zionist camp», the United Arab list and the party «Yesh Atid».

On the website of the Knesset States that for a vote of no confidence to the current government voted 50 parliamentarians and 52 members were against it.

After the vote, the floor was asked by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Observers say that Netanyahu is extremely rare during such discussions rises to the podium to respond to the criticism.

Benjamin Netanyahu recalled that his government supported the integration of Israeli Arabs into society and the economy, through the efforts and allocating budget funds. «And that is why we cannot tolerate a situation where members of the Knesset support the relatives of the murderers and honour a minute’s silence in memory of those who kill Israelis,» said Netanyahu.

«I’m trying to imagine what would have happened in the British Parliament if parliamentarians observed a minute of silence in memory of the Jihadist John, or in the U.S. Congress, if its members have honored the memory of «California killers». There would not have to put up with it, and will not be tolerated by us», — said the head of government.

A Knesset member from the BALAD party Jamal Zahalka, one of three Arab parliamentarians met last week with relatives of the terrorists shouted from his seat: «a Fascist!» and then he turned to the speaker of the Knesset Julius Edelstein, saying that Netanyahu is engaged in incitement against Arab MPs. MP Zahalka was taken out of the hall.

A vote of no confidence in the government was accompanied by a scandal in the Knesset 08.02.2016

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