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A woman poisoned her husband because he «disgraced the family»

London court dropped the charges against 55-year-old native of Pakistan Mussarat Khan, suspected of trying to poison her husband, 50-year-old Tariq Khan, «disgrace the family», reports the Daily Mail.

The couple had lived together for 20 years, when it was discovered that Tariq is Dating a girl named Naila Ali. The man for some time left the family home, but soon returned, apparently having received the forgiveness of his wife. Soon, however, Massarat learned that her husband was reunited with his girlfriend.

Then Tariq suddenly «sick» – according to the investigation, the cause of his ailment was a large dose of arsenic-laced wife in his food. Few weeks the man remained in a coma. Currently, a year after the poisoning, he suffers from limited mobility and uses a wheelchair.

The police found in the kitchen cupboard Massarat a vial of poison, which the woman allegedly brought from Pakistan, where it can be freely bought.

However, the lawyers Massarat Khan has managed to make her excuses after the court found insufficient evidence against the woman. In addition, Tariq Khan, appearing in court, said that he took the poison on his own initiative, decided to commit suicide because of «shame.»

Courtroom Massarat and Tariq left together.

A woman poisoned her husband because he «disgraced the family» 10.06.2017

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