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Abbas and Haniyeh congratulated the Palestinian people on the great victory over the invaders

The President of the Palestinian national authority Mahmoud Abbas made a statement in connection with Israel’s decision to dismantle all of the safety devices installed on the Temple mount after a terrorist attack, which killed two policemen.

According to the leader of the Palestinian authority, talking about the great victory of the Palestinians and the inhabitants of Jerusalem over the occupation. Abbas also called on the management of the Waqf to meet him soon to discuss further steps.

The head of the Hamas political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh made even more harsh statements. He said that the steadfastness of Jerusalemites forced the invaders to wave the white flag. Participants of the protest, he called the worthy defenders of the Muslim and Christian shrines.

«Occupied Jerusalem will forever remain Arab, Muslim. He is indivisible. Everyone needs to understand that every inch of Palestinian land is ours! We will never allow the Israelis to desecrate al-Aqsa,» said he.

We will remind that in the night of July 27, the police completely dismantled all the security tools that were installed at the entrance to the temple mount after a terrorist attack occurred there.

Law enforcement officers dismantled the bridge, which was equipped with surveillance cameras and turnstiles, along which stood the metal detector. The cameras and metal detectors were dismantled on the night of July 25 in accordance with the decision of the military-political Cabinet.

Abbas and Haniyeh congratulated the Palestinian people on the great victory over the invaders 27.07.2017

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