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Abbas has expressed readiness to 100% to cut funding for Gaza, which received $1.5 billion per year

Sunday, August 20, in Ramallah hosted a meeting between Palestinian authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and the leader of the Israeli left opposition MERETZ’s Gal-on Saavy.

As Tova says, Lazaroff in the newspaper the Jerusalem Post, during that meeting, Abbas announced his intention «to reduce by 100% the» financial support of Gaza, if not resolved the conflict between Hamas and Fatah.

According to Abbas, until recently, the Palestinian authority transferred $ 1.5 billion a year to Hamas in Gaza, but at present this amount has already been reduced by 25%. In particular, the sanctions have led to electricity cuts in Gaza.

Mahmoud Abbas stressed that the unwillingness of the leadership of Hamas to make concessions can «drive a wedge between Gaza and the West Bank,» writes The Jerusalem Post.

Zaava galon, in turn, called on Abbas to refrain from any hasty actions that could worsen the situation of residents of the Gaza strip, and to find ways of reconciliation with Hamas, said the publication.

Reports in the Israeli media about the meeting said that Abbas spoke highly pessimistic about the prospects for a peaceful settlement with the support of the current US administration. In his opinion, when the chaos that now reigns in the White house, the administration of Donald trump not to the real steps for the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Note that this was not the first meeting Gal-on and Abbas. Previously, they met in the Mukata in August 2015 and in August 2012.

Recently Mahmoud Abbas speaks with very strong statements against the leadership of Hamas in Gaza. This is due to the fact that Hamas talks with his political rival Mohammed Dahlan and other representatives of the opposition wing of Fatah. While Hamas leaders say they are ready for «national reconciliation», stressing the illegitimacy of Abbas as «President of Palestine».

Abbas has expressed readiness to 100% to cut funding for Gaza, which received $1.5 billion per year 21.08.2017

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