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Abdullah II has promised, however, trump achieves peace between the PA and Israel

Two hours lasted the first in the last five years, the visit of Jordan’s king Abdullah II in Ramallah, during which they discussed the peace process, the overall situation in the region, relations between Fatah and Hamas, as well as the health of 81-year-old «Raisa».

Jordanian media reported that on the background of the crisis in relations with Israel, due to an incident in the house of the guard of the Israeli Embassy, the monarch did not meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In the beginning of the meeting Abdullah II asked about the health of 81-year-old Palestinian President, who last week held an unscheduled hospitalization. Mahmoud Abbas and his entourage assured the guest that «Raisa» all good health, and there is no cause for concern.

The Jordanian news Agency Petra, Abdullah II expressed support for «the rights of the brotherly Palestinian people for an independent state with its capital in East Jerusalem.»

He talked about the importance of cooperation with the administration of the White house in the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. However, he stressed that the basis of Palestinian-Israeli negotiations should be based on the principle of two States.

The monarch of the Hashemite Kingdom spoke positively about the interest of the President of the United States Donald trump to achieve a lasting peace. Abdullah, however, stressed the need to intensify efforts to create the conditions to achieve progress in resolving the conflict.

After king Abdullah II returned to Amman, Palestinian sources reported that during the negotiations it was decided on creation of a joint Jordanian-Palestinian Committee on the Temple mount.

The media pay attention to what kind of magnificent meeting staged Abdallah in Ramallah: with the red carpet, an honor guard and orchestra. Among greeted him on the tarmac were members of the Muslim and Christian clergy. Abdullah II is the title of the guardian of al-Aqsa mosque, that he is subordinate to the Jerusalem Waqf. However, Abbas claims to be the protector of Muslim and Christian Holy sites.

Abdullah II visited Ramallah for the first time since 2012 – meetings of politicians are usually held in Jordan. This is indirectly confirmed by media reports, according to which the Israeli government banned Abbas, who terminated his cooperation with Israel, to leave the city. However, the decision to hold a meeting in the Mukata can be explained by the health Minister of the Palestinian authority.

The Jerusalem Post notes that recent events have weakened Abbas, whose popularity is already low. The measures taken by the leadership of the Palestinian authority against Hamas operating in the Gaza strip, has created among the Palestinians a sense that Abbas is a partner to the Israeli blockade.

Abdullah II has promised, however, trump achieves peace between the PA and Israel 07.08.2017

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