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About four thousand people took part in the first pride Parade in the capital of the Negev

About 4 thousand people take part in a gay parade, which this year is held in Beersheba. The route is just over a kilometer, and it goes through the main streets of the city.

Pride parade held in the capital of the Negev, is significantly different from similar events in tel Aviv. It is more «modest», with no elements of the carnival. In the column to see parents with children.

Before the event chief Rabbi Yehuda Deri the city in an interview with «Galei TSAHAL» said the city police have promised him to prescribe penalties for causing appearance of the marchers.

The Correspondent notes that the event in be’er Sheva would be more crowded. But, according to the conditions set out by police at the point of collecting all those who want to participate in the procession was to receive the white bracelet. After the column advanced in a way, to join her without a bracelet was impossible. Thus, those who missed the beginning, was only able to watch the procession.

Activists of the LGBT community planned to hold a gay pride parade in the capital of the Negev last year. However, it was cancelled after police banned the marchers to pass through the main street of the city. Activists of the gay movement tried to challenge the police decision in the High court of justice, arguing that the requirement to change the route of the March was made under pressure from the religious establishment, and also out of fear of the mayor of Beersheba to lose the support of religious factions. In court the police said that the ban was motivated by concerns for the safety of the participants of the gay parade. The police also claimed that in the city there were calls for violence against its members, in turn, members of the LGBT community there have also been calls to protect and come to the event with guns. As a result, the court accepted the arguments of the police, ruling that a gay pride parade from city centre should be moved to less crowded streets. As a result, instead of the parade held a rally.

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About four thousand people took part in the first pride Parade in the capital of the Negev 23.06.2017

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